January 7, 2017
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An Exploring mind.

Photo Credit to Jugal Mistry (@holy_photon)
Photo Credit to Jugal Mistry (@holy_photon)

I faintly remember my love for stars as I grew up. A few years back I got addicted to Cosmos series which got elevated when I spend my last new year (2016) under the stars and the moonlight, camping. It was a moment of realization for me how tiny we are, what you see lying on your back facing the stars is exactly the half of what you see if you were floating in space. A realization that we are in “the cosmic space” and that is how the world looks like outside our ant’s nest. 2016 has been a year of finding new perspectives in what I thought was the norm. I questioned the existence of everything around me, a new lens for my mind, food for curious me. I gave myself time to explore everything around me to add more diversity, dug into world history, started hobbies like aircraft modeling, DIY electronics, cosmic science and so much more. One of the highlights of travelogs was Burning Man fest, it changed the way I perceived humanity, it gave me a taste of how life would have been at its primal living. How we interact with the world and things around us and its evolution to its current form. How we see what our mind wants to see and just how important it is to steer your mind. Contemplating my thoughts towards the end of 2016 I am realizing how everything is connected and how our model of life has been repeated in endless forms. How there is no one explanation or solution to one situation or problem and how our analysis and paralysis is still very one dimensional. Looking out into the sky aligns me with reality outside our ant’s nest and I imagine a view of us from distant space. Coincidently I got the perfect birthday gift from my close friends, a telescope, and a really good one.

I am looking forward to 2017, I am happy where I am and hoping to unbuckle my safari seat to grab my driver’s seat. It all makes sense to be surrounded by all of you, thank you.

Special thanks to Jugal and his bro for this picture and hosting great camps all around.


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