December 7, 2017
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The Basics : Purpose

Thanks to countless inventions, discovery and evolution we take things like traveling across the world for granted, calling anybody across the world for granted, electricity for granted, running on two legs for granted, converting energy from an organic matter for granted, storing that energy in the form of fat so that we can be mobile for granted.

If you look back in time at evolution, it has been solving problems ever since the beginning. Going through countless permutations solving problems one by one. We are one of the branches of such evolution and probably leading the race. Where is the evolution leading to? Let’s go back to diagram.

Imagine in this universe there are finite number of problems to be solved and evolution is solving a part of it slowly/gradually. There are no new problems, they always existed just that at each stage we identify them. Each disc represents a generation or an era with the number of problems solved. Time dimension is perpendicular to the plane. So as you go deeper towards centre you go towards future. More focus extrapolates rate of evolution.

Our previous generation has solved travel, home, food problems for us hence we don’t see these things as big today, these solved problem act as filters & we can go on to focus on other unsolved problems. In theory each generation is solving problems for the next generation so that next generation is not distracted by same problem and can focus on rest of the unsolved problems. As we evolve, we have fewer problems to solve, hence extreme focus, thus explaining exponential evolution of humans in recent times.

Evolution is trying to solve an eternal problem. We are ahead in the race but because we have so many distracting problems we are not even aware of this problem. Evolution is helping us get a step closer to this problem.

Finally one day, once we have placed all the irrelevant problems / filters behind us.. we will have one last divine problem to solve. That is what evolution is leading us to, its purpose. One who solves that “Gets Lucky

Man’s ultimate purpose

Now that we understand the purpose of evolution its time to understand our role. If you have realised by now our purpose is to help mankind reach a step closer to the divine problem by filtering out problem for next generation. What is that problem? That is for another day to discuss.

This purpose breaks down people into two important roles.

  • Those who innovate, invent and find solutions to current problems helping mankind advance step further, their scope of vision is big, like moon shot ideas or execution that affect billions of people. Its a big responsibility to carry, like evolution’s failed permutations you might fail too. This purpose dwarfs getting rich, however not denying the fact that in the process you could make a lot of money. One has to reinstate their existence to solve such worldly problems. To be there you will have to unlearn what you have learned, think different, and to be able to live in the future to foresee a problem that was never fully understood and solve it.
  • Then there are those who use, maintain & optimise what has been innovated, this helps keep the foundation of the system strong. They take solved problem to billions over time, they are usually driven by opportunity. They oil and fuel the ecosystem for its existence, they are equally important roles to play and we need more of them. Optimisation or small leaps are part of this.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, artist, musician, sportsman etc, we all are identifying and solving problems in our own dimensions. Everybody is important, every advancement counts in this race.

Choose wisely, this will define your existence, you will know what to say no to and bring clarity into what you are chasing everyday. Your purpose, your basics.


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